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Our Plural History | Springfield, MA

African American Heritage Trail Map

> Springfield Plural History Map

John Brown
First warehouse of Perkins & Brown. Corner of Gridiron St and Columbus Ave
Massasoit House
Main St and Gridiron St
Rufus Elmer
Shop on corner of Lyman St and Main St
John Brown
2nd warehouse of Perkins & Brown. Main St across from the Massasoit Hotel
Rev. Dr. Samuel Osgood
Pastor of First Church. 1st home on Main St between Fort St and Hampden St
Thomas Thomas
First Restaurant. Main St, corner of Worthington St
Pynchon Street Methodist Church
Dr. George White
Office on Fountain Row
Dr. Jefferson Church
Office on Fountain Row
Reuben Atwater Chapman
Law Office, Byers Block, Court Square
Sanford Street Free Church
Rev. Dr. Samuel Osgood
Pastor of First Church 2nd home on Main St, between Howard St. and Union St.
U.S. Hotel, Bates Tavern, Warriners Tavern
Main St. Across from Howard St.
Court Square
Mass Mutual Center