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Our Plural History | Springfield, MA

Armenian Genocide Memorial St. Mark Armenian Church on Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA
Memorial stone dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Located at St. Mark Armenian Church on Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA.
Courtesy of Setta McCabe

Primary Resources Archive

Armenian Heritage Slide Show

A collection of images depicting Armenian cultural sites in the United States and Armenia. Images courtesy of Setta McCabe.

Images seen in this slide show:

1. Mother Armenia statue
2. Etchmiadzin Cathedral – center of Armenian church. This cathedral dates from the fourth century, built around the same time of Armenia’s conversion to Christianity in 301.
3.Khatchkar – traditional Armenian cross stone
4. Hayastan countryside – Hayastan is the Armenian name for the country of Armenia
5. Traditional Armenian dance and costume
6. Mt. Ararat
7. Old Cemetery – Traditional and ancient Armenian graves
8. St. Hripsime church, completed in 618
9. Astvatsatsin cathedral, built 1215, at the Gegard cave monastery
10. Armenian Genocide Memorial
11. Armenian Genocide Memorial – inside
12. Church at Agartsin monastery complex, 11th-13th century
13. Church at Kecharis monastery, 11th-13th century
14. Preparing Cheoreg rolls – four women - In this image: Mary Omartian (front left), Ellie Demirjian (top left), Elsie Zirakian (bottom right), Anita Assarian (top right).
15. Preparing Cheoreg rolls – two women - Elsie Zirakian (bottom), Anita Assarian (top)
16. Dancing at a local Armenian Festival.
17. Musicians playing traditional Armenian music.
18. A traditional Armenian Instrument.
19. Cooking kebabs at the local Armenian Festival.
20. An alter at a local Armenian church.
21. Stained glass window depicting important saints in the Armenian chruch.

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