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Our Plural History | Springfield, MA
Nelson Henry-Stanly Curtis, age five, Belfast Ireland, 1951(?).
Courtesy of Samantha Murphy and Nelson Curtis.

Student Contributions

An American Lad From Ireland
Nelson Henry-Stanley Curtis was born in 1946 in Belfast, Ireland. In 1960, when he was fourteen years old Nelson made the biggest journey of his life. His family was to move to America. His grandaughter, Samatha Murphy, tells his story.

The American Lad from Ireland: The Story of Nelson Curtis's American Journey[PDF]
The story of Nelson Henry-Stanly Curtis immigration.

Immigration Card for Nelson Henry-Stanley Curtis 1960 [PDF]

Nelson Henry-Stanley Curtis' School Picture - Ireland (1951?) [PDF]
The picture above was taken in Ireland when Nelson Curtis was around 5 years old. He is in the first row, second from the right in the black coat (looking very serious).

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